Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glee 3x06 "Mash Off" Spoilers

Berikut adalah spoiler untuk episode keenam Glee di season 3, Mash Off. Major spoilers under the cut..

Puck declares his desire for Shelby. She tries to brush him off -she’s his teacher, after all - but can’t deny their chemistry. She says their kiss (in 3x04) was a mistake. He tries hard to win her over, “You’re hot. I’m hot.” She keeps attempting to brush him off, but struggles to be convincing.

Quinn is frustrated that her plan to frame Shelby isn’t working (because Puck removed all the incriminating things Quinn planted in Shelby’s apartment.) She knows that getting closer to Shelby means getting closer to Beth, so Quinn attempts to join Shelby’s group.

Puck reveals Quinn’s plan to Shelby while visiting her at home, drowning in his guilt. He cries, completely broken about it. Shelby doesn’t immediately react, but later sends a lot of glares in Quinn’s direction.

Quinn shows up at Shelby’s and questions why she hasn’t allowed her to join her group yet. Shelby tells her she knows what she has done, and they argue about motherhood until Shelby kicks her out, but Quinn vows to get her child back.


Class President speech time. Hockey Player (Rick the Stick) promises that teachers have to answer to students. Brittany promises TVs and Topless Tuesdays. Kurt promises a violence-free school (a ban of dodgeball.) Rachel withdraws, knowing how much she has hurt Kurt, and pledges her vote for him.

Kurt and Rachel make up. Rachel apologizes and Kurt accepts. She was being a diva, feels terrible, missed his friendship, will support him always, etc.

Rachel asks Shelby to write (well, approve what Rachel already wrote) a recommendation letter for her for NYADA. Shelby tells Rachel how proud she is of her. Rachel is moved by it, and asks Shelby to write a real letter herself. Shelby agrees. It’s a nice moment between them.


Predictably, Sectionals this year has pitted New Directions against Shelby’s group, The Troubletones. Will & Shelby agree to not be bitchy to one another and want to use the competition to bring out the best amongst their students. They demonstrate with a mashup duet of “You & I” / “Just You & I.” They then declare there will be a McKinley mash-off between the 2 clubs.

Troubletones rehearsal: Mercedes wants to do Adele for their mashup, and nominates herself as President of the group, confirmed by majority vote. Santana, of course, does not vote for her, nor does Brittany. Santana agrees to play fair - at least, she claims to. Instead, she buries Finn in trash talk of epic proportions. Finn’s response? Tells her to come out of the closet so she’ll stop trying to make everyone miserable like herself.

Mash-Off time! New Directions with Hall & Oates’ “Maneater” / “You Make My Dreams Come True.” The guys wear 80’s mustaches. The girls handle the ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ part, and the boys do the ‘Maneater’ parts. Rory and Quinn both have solo lines.

The Troubletones perform their “Rumour Has It” / “Someone Like You” mashup, with Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany getting solo lines.


Someone who overheard Finn tell Santana to come out told one of the other Congress candidates. He is now using “Sue supports lesbians” in their campaign, and hints that Sue may be a lesbian. He also talks about how Sue has a lesbian for a head cheerleader, with photos of Santana used as his mudslinging. Santana is devastated.

Santana barely makes it through the Adele mashup without breaking down. Seeing Finn in the audience, she loses it, beyond pissed that he’s outed her to the entire world, and slaps the shit out of him.


Anonymous said...

More drama. Damn! I love glee

Anonymous said...

ceritanya makin

Anonymous said...

wow keren buanget....
new direction vs the troubletones
mass-off pula ^^

Anonymous said...

"Rory and QUINN both have solo lines." That's the only spoiler that makes me happy. We'll get to hear Quinn's voice! FINALLY!

Restya said...

makin keren nih aaah ga sabar :D

Anonymous said...

Santana getting the solo lines buat rumour has it/someone like you!!!! Cita cita semua orang terkabul.....

Anonymous said...

puck with shelby? seriously? it came out of nowhere

Anonymous said...

Puck and shelby? Like wtf.
Gila banget. masa sih orang tua kandung sama orang tua adopsinya jadian yg adalah guru dan orangtua kandung temennya sendiri yang anaknya pernah dipacarin ? Wtf.

Anonymous said...

Quinn dapet solo lines lagi! Asik!

Kayanya season ini bakal cukup keras buat Santana. Kaya season 2 kemarin, yang keras sama Kurt.

Anonymous said...

The troubltones apakah akan ikut juga di sectional?

Anonymous said...

whatttt? puck? shelby? omg

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