Sunday, November 11, 2012

4x07 "Dynamic Duets" & 4x08 "Thanksgiving" Episode Description

Berikut adalah episode description untuk episode ke-7 dan ke-8 Glee di season 4, "Dynamic Duets" dan "Thanksgiving".

 4x07 Dynamic Duets
When New Directions’ arch foes steal the team’s coveted Nationals’ trophy, it is up to McKinley’s resident superheroes to save the day. Two of the Glee Club’s newest members battle over the affections of a third. Blaine meets the Warblers’ new team captain and wrestles with a tempting offer.

4x08 Thanksgiving
With the holidays looming, several McKinley graduates return to Lima; Finn drafts his old teammates to help mentor the new New Directions through Sectionals. As Jake and Ryder’s friendship continues to grow, they put their differences aside for the good of the team. Alone together in New York, Rachel and Kurt plan for a quiet “orphan’s Thanksgiving” with unexpected results. Meanwhile, Kurt gets some sound advice from a trusted source and Rachel and Brody begin to reconnect.



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