Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bonnie Dune Releases Cory Monteith's "Maybe Tonight" Song (Listen Now!)

Bonnie Dune merupakan Rock/Indie Band yang berasal dari California. Band ini beranggotakan 5 personil, dan salah satu personilnya adalah Cory Monteith yang menjadi seorang drummer.

Debut album terbaru Bonnie Dune, Miramar, mempunyai 6 lagu di dalamnya. Album tersebut direkam langsung di Los Angeles, sebulan sebelum Cory Monteith meninggal.

Band tersebut berhenti rekaman bulan May 2013, seorang vokalis Justin Wilczynski menyatakan "Monteith went to a dark place, leaving Los Angeles for Vancouver where he ultimately died."

"We finished these particular six songs quite a while ago," Ujar Justin Wilczynski. "Some things happened where Cory needed to take a break and we realized that he was struggling and that he was having a hard time, so we took a bit of a hiatus from the writing and recording process."

"We were always thinking we were going to go back and do more songs to release a full length record--I wanted to do a 10-song record," ia berlanjut. "When Cory passed we decided we would just release all the songs we recorded with him and release all the ones that we have."

"He definitely meant a lot to us and it was something that Cory really had a great time doing, we all did."

Cory Monteith belum pernah mendengar seluruh lagu hasil rekaman sampai habis, tetapi Ia hanya sempat mendengarkan tiga lagu saja yang salah satunya berjudul "Maybe Tonight"

Cory juga menunjukan lagu tersebut kepada kekasihnya Lea Michele.

"She really liked them a lot," Ujar Wilczynski "I am a big fan of her stuff and I'm proud of her. I was there during her process of writing and recording and it was really cool to see her I think become an artist like she's never been before."


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