Sunday, March 23, 2014

Glee First Listen: 5x13 "New Directions"

Sebelum kita nonton Glee 5x13 "New Directions" ayo dengerin dulu lagu lagunnya!

I Am Changing (Glee Cast Version)

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Glee Cast Season 5 Version)

Just Give Me A Reason (Glee Cast Version)

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Glee Cast Season 5 Version feat. Kristin Chenoweth)

Party All the Time (Glee Cast Version feat. Gwyneth Paltrow)

Loser Like Me (Glee Cast Season 5 Version)

Be Okay (Glee Cast Version)


Anonymous said...

Quinn & Puck...really awesome..just give us reason why they have to gone from cast

Anonymous said...

i miss cory so much... it's kind of hurt to listen Don't Stop Believin' no more Cory"s voice... :'((((((((

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